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The 1st HIS Curriculum


Healthy Image of Sex

A unique resource for abstinence education: Healthy Image of Sex is a curriculum developed in 2005 with a specific target population in mind. Abstinence educators in the rural South recognized a need for an abstinence until marriage curriculum that addresses the African American faith community.

Far too often, the African American faith community is the target of comprehensive sex education and specifically condom promotion and  distribution programs. Now, Healthy Image of Sex (HIS) offers direction for African American youth that will align itself with the principles taught within their faith. This is done in a deliberate manner, which allows the HIS curriculum to be compatible with federal guidelines for grant funding. 

The principles taught in the HIS curriculum are universal regarding the faith community. While the authors intended the original project specifically for the African American population, the concepts taught were requested for a more ethnically diverse population. Therefore, another version of HIS was created in 2008 for more diverse populations.