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The 3rd Version of HIS Adatped for Older Youth


Think Truth Today

In 2012, HIS expanded its age range to older youth and college freshmen and in the development of the Think Truth Today curriculum based on the same truth principles as HIS Version I and II.

Unfortunately, young people do not hear or see the truth about the potentially devastating and life-altering consequences of sex outside of marriage. Young people today are bombarded by media images and sounds that do not portray reality, which influence them to live promiscuous lifestyles that often lead to negative outcomes. Curriculum authors understand that statistics show that many older youth are having sex, so they include prevalent themes that support a message to youth who have already been sexually active; encouraging them to choose to avoid sexual risks going forward. 

Youth need to understand that the failed ideology of past decades has placed them in very dangerous times and the only thing that will save them from the ill-conceived notion that sex outside of marriage is natural and inevitable is truth about consequences, and the benefits of sexual risk avoidance. Think Truth Today is a unique approach to revealing truths about this issue.